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Who I Teach:

Anyone who wants to learn! I’ve taught students from 4-year-old beginners to retirees and everyone in between. I believe that no matter your age or your musical experience, the violin can make your life a better place.

How I Teach:

I teach with an "ear first" approach, meaning that my students learn music by listening and singing first rather than by jumping straight into reading written music. I incorporate a strong music theory and music history background to give context to each piece we learn so my students deeply understand what they’re playing. From the beginning of lessons, I teach relaxed and healthy technique so that my students have a pain-free experience with their their instrument, because playing violin should feel GOOD!

More About Me:​

I am trained in the Suzuki Method with teacher-trainer David Strom and also draw on my experience in jazz and composition. I love to figure out how to play new music on the violin, so bring in your favorite song and we will learn it together!

Photo credit Brandon Perdomo

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