October 24, 2020

Forza Malizia presents Eve


Marcus Garvey Park (enter at W 123rd St and Mount Morris Park West), Harlem, NYC

Masks required

Donations appreciated

September 20-22 & 26-29, 2019

Danse Theatre Surreality presents Thoughts & Prayers

September 20th: 8-9pm

September 21st: 8-9pm

September 22nd: 7:30-8:30pm

September 26th: 8-9pm

September 27th: 8-9pm

September 28th: 8-9pm

September 29th: 3-4pm

TADA! Theater - 15 W 28th Street, NYC

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"Thoughts & Prayers" is a new dance-theatre work with a palpable activist heart. Through a gripping exploration of America’s relationship with tragedy, catastrophe, and loss, this thought-provoking world premiere aims to harness the power of hope, individual action, and a call for change. Following each show, audience members and community activists are invited to discuss next steps to create change.

Through this new dance-theatre concerto of equal parts music, movement, and theatre, we take a journey with Dana and Felix, as the couple experiences five Disasters. In a dramatic mix of original, virtuosic music, partnering, dialogue, and unique staging, six musicians (woodwinds and strings) are active participants in the performance. embody two distinct Greek Choruses: Congress and The Activists, giving full voice to the political clashes of present-day.

This collaboration between artists of completely different disciplines creates a complex, elegant, disruptive world brought to life by creator/director Lauren Hlubny and composer/performer Thomas Giles.


August 23, 2019

Nina Dante+Bethany Younge//Zachary Paul//Du.0

7 - 10pm

Littleneck Outpost / Williamsburg (855 Grand St, Brooklyn)

$10 suggested donation. Donations greatly appreciated!

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The joint work of composer-performers Nina Dante and Bethany Younge explores the human animal, bizarre theatrics and the holy mysteries of nature. As (respectively) librettist-performer and composer, Nina and Bethany have created the chamber work “Bodyscape” and solo work “ALAMARGO”. They are currently collaborating on their first album as a duo.

Zachary Paul is a Los Angeles-based violinist and composer interested in perception, the transportive nature of long durations, and trance states. His work explores the contrast between stasis and movement and questions the possibility of depicting both synchronously. In live performance, he builds lush soundscapes via improvisation, representing his immediate experience & the space being performed in. Zachary is represented by Touch Music and currently a participant in Touch's curated mentorship program.


Since September 2018, Du.0 has continually developed and expanded upon a chant melody by Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179 CE). Titled "Item de virginibus" (roughly translated to "Also, of the maids"), the music in its original form unfolds over the course of several minutes. We have taken sections of the melody and reinterpreted them through our duo's improvisational voice, incorporating elements of just intonation, drone, extended string techniques, loud and soft noise, facial choreography, and vocalization.

August 16, 18, 20, 22, & 24, 2019

Princess Maleine - a new opera by Whitney George & Bea Goodwin

August 16, 20, 22 and 24 at 7:30 pm

August 18 at 2:00 pm

La MaMa Experimental Theatre, 66 East 4th Street, NYC

Presented by Dell'Arte Opera Ensemble

Bea Goodwin, Stage Director
Whitney George, Conductor and Music Director

Chris Fecteau, Music Director

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