I started weaving in late 2018 as a way to manage anxiety, but it quickly became more than a casual hobby. Below is a mostly-complete gallery of the fiber pieces I've made as gifts or commissions.

3 Short Pieces


Star Field 2021 commissioned by Melinda Faylor

Muh-he-kuh-ne-tuk (or, The First Name of a Nameless River) 2021 Commissioned by Nicole Sharlow

(no title) 2021 Commissioned by Scott Wollschleger

Swedish Winter 2021 Commissioned by Hannah Levinson for Maya Bennardo

Beautiful Plastic #1 2021 Artist's personal collection

Light Reflected on the Hudson 2021 Commissioned by Bryan Hayslett

Egg Yolk Sunshine 2021 Commissioned by Will Yager

Neon Worms 2021 Commissioned by Evan Runyon

Cacophony 2019 - 2020 Artist's personal collection

(no title) 2020 Gift for Jonathan

Dripping Window (after Marc Chagall) 2020 Commissioned by Silvia Roederer

(no title) 2020 Commissioned by Sara Sulecki Calderon

My Country 'Tis Of Thee (Blood In the Water) 2020 Commissioned by Sam Kelder

In A Landscape (after John Cage) 2020 Commissioned by Erin Yanacek

(no title) 2020 Commissioned by Tamika Gorski

(no title) 2020 Gift for Elizar

Map of the World - replica 2020 Commissioned by Sam Kelder

Pseudoplant 2020 Commissioned by Devon Osamu Tipp

Map of the World II 2020 Artist's personal collection

Map of the World I 2020 Artist's personal collection

Shinbashi II 2020 Gift for Aimée Niemann

(no title) 2019 Gift for Anne

Daffodils, Indoors 2019 Gift for Zae Munn

Spring Scroll 2019 Raffle prize for Leah Garber

(no title) 2019 Gift for Aimée Niemann

Blue Harp Sky 2019 Gift for Emily Munn-wood

Red and Blue 2019 Gift for Jay Wood

Mosaic Knit 2019 Gift for Zae Munn

Magical Bento Box

(Aimee Niemann)